Apr 19

360 Telescopic Handler Training

Here’s a view from the basket of a new Merlo Roto 40.26MCS Telehandler, during this weeks training course.

That is one mammoth tele handler! Or is it a MEWP cherry picker?

Merlo Roto 40.16MCS Telescopic Handler


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  1. Siôn Jones

    Hi Val,

    Thanks for the enquiry, I have just sent you an email.


  2. Ivaylo

    hello Siôn Jones

    i would like to know how much will cost me to do 360 telehandler ? I am looking to do and loading shovel as well . and two more guys are interesting to do 360 telehandler. what price you gonna give us ??

    king regards

  3. Siôn Jones

    Thanks for the enquiry.

    Do you have any previous experience on 360 telehandlers or hold a current card under CPCS (or related scheme) for telehandlers? The more info you can give me, the easier it is to give you a quote.

    Also, regarding the loading shovel what’s your level of experience?

    I’ve sent you an email.

  4. paul meachen

    Hi i am telescopc forklift driver with over 10 years experiance i also hold 360 excavator ticket both are blue cpcs but i want to up grade my telehandler to include 17d 360 slew how much would this cost please thanks paul

  5. Ricardo tulloch

    Hi. Would like to kno the price of the 360 slew telehandler. I already have my cpcs for all sizes(telescopic handler)

  6. Siôn Jones

    Hi Ricardo,

    Thanks for your enquiry.

    Provided you already hold the CPCS A17C – telescopic handler (all sizes excluding 360 slew) endorsement on your red/blue card. You will be required to complete any necessary training to bring you up to speed with the machine and then the CPCS A17D practical assessment on the 360 slew telehandler to upgrade your card (no theory test required).

    Your CITB health, safety and environmental test will also need to have been completed within the last two years. If you send me your CPCS registration number I can always check on this for you.

    I have sent you some additional info via email.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


  7. Joshua Richardson

    I would like to know how much will cost me to do 360 telehandler ? I am looking to do and loading shovel as well

  8. steve griffiths

    how much will it cost for me to do a 360 telehandler course as i have 13 years telehandler experience cpcs 0******* blue card with level 2 nvq

  9. Siôn Jones


    Thanks for getting in touch.

    Could you please give some more information relating to your experience on telehandlers? Do you already hold a card for the fixed boom telehandler? If so, is it CPCS ( i.e. A17C)?

    If you have no previous experience on telehandlers i would recommend doing the standard telehandler course first, the 360 telehandler is different animal altogether, so some previous telehandler experience would be advantageous.

    Same question with the shovel, have you any previous experience? I’ll get back to you some prices.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

  10. Siôn Jones

    Steve, thanks for getting in touch.

    I’ve sent you an email with some info.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

  11. john rainey

    i have a blue card cpcs in telescopic operator i want to train on the 360 slew telescopic forks how much will it cost me

  12. Siôn Jones

    Hi John,

    Good news, I have a roto-handler coming in a few weeks!

    I’ve emailed you some joining instructions.


  13. Tiberius

    Hi,I’ve got blue CPCS card for telehandler exclusive 360 and I want to know how much it’s the course for 360 slew.Thanks

  14. dean bowles

    I have tellehandler blue card all sizes cpcs
    How much for 360 slew tellehandler. Got. 8 Yeats behind me cheer

  15. john robson

    hi, i have held my A17c license for 15 yrs i have only driven these on site I would like to upgrate to A17d could you give me a quote on price please, thanks

  16. Siôn Jones

    Good to speak with you earlier.
    See you on the 22nd for the CPCS 360 slew test!
    Thanks again.

  17. Siôn Jones


    I have sent you an email with some info and available dates for next month, please let me know if you’d like to reserve a place?


  18. paul beeby

    I have previously completed my NVQ level 2 and i have my blue card for any size for the telhandler. How much would it cost me to do the 360 slew and which course would i have to do? Also i was wondering how much training would i have to do to complete the 360? i.e how long to pass the test and how often i have to be there?

  19. Mark Paul

    Dear Sir, I am a fully qualified CPCS Telehandler driver with 19 years work experience and would like to know the price for upgrading my Ticket to include the 360 Slew truck. I have driven the Manitou Roto at Gatwick Airport some years ago and my Reg no is 3****6 I have a Blue card with all sizes Telescopic.. Thanks for your time, M.Paul. My phone no is 07*** ******.

  20. ben hartley

    hi im interested in the 360 telehandler ticket i hold a cpcs blue card all sizes exc 360 slew

  21. Siôn Jones


    Thanks for getting in touch.

    We have a 360 telehandler available for the next few months, please get in touch if you’d like to book an assessment.

    I have sent you some info.

    Thanks again,

  22. Siôn Jones


    Good to speak with you the other week.

    We have the 360 telehandler available for the next few months, just let me know when you’ve the time to come across and sit the A17D practical test.

    Thanks again,

  23. Siôn Jones


    Thanks for the enquiry.

    Regarding training, that is up to you! Most telehandler blue card holders like a minimum of a day’s training to familiarise themselves with the machine before the CPCS practical test.

    We have a few courses going on ahead at the moment. Please give me a call when you’re ready to progress and we can discuss your options.

    Thanks again,

  24. Siôn Jones


    Good to speak with you earlier.

    Look forward to meeting you in a few weeks time.

    Thanks again,

  25. Ross Mclaren

    Good morning
    I have been looking into doing my roto ticket i have a good few years of experence of the standered telehandler and hold a cpcs excluding 360 ticket could i get a price for upgrading to a roto

    Thank you
    Ross mclaren

  26. Daniel wiles

    Hi got my cpcs blue card telehandler ticket 5 years experience.all sizes.wanted to do my 360 slew how much and how long will it be please

  27. Siôn Jones

    Ross and Daniel, I’ve emailed you with responses. Thanks!

  28. Aniiefe

    Hi I’ve got 7yrs experience of telescopic handler – how much and how long would it take me to upgrade to include 360 slew? Thanks

  29. Siôn Jones

    Thanks for the enquiry.

    Do you already hold a cpcs ticket for the telescopic handler? If so, then you will only need to sit a practical assessment. If not, you will also need to sit a theory test.

    Can you please forward me your surname and registration number so I can check?


  30. geoff

    hi could you give me a price to upgrade my cpcs telehandler blue card all sizes to 360 slew
    = 8 years experience
    cpcs reg number =0******0

  31. Siôn Jones

    Thanks Geoff, i’ve just sent you an email.

  32. nick

    hi ya,
    I need a A17 ticket, I got no experience on telescopic handlers
    I got some experience on jcb 27 ton excavator
    I’m interested in a price for training/ticket

  33. Siôn Jones

    Hi Nick,

    My next CPCS telehandler course is taking place next week (A17C).

    I have sent you an email with some info.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


  34. Gabriel

    I have cpcs telehandler from oct.2012.i have worked all this time as a telescopic forklift driver in a busy site in Croydon London.i want to have 360 training cause my ticket covers all sizes exc360.can you give me some info about price,place and available date,please

  35. Siôn Jones

    Thanks for getting in touch Gabriel.

    The cpcs 360 telehandler tests have to be sat at my site in South Wales (SA14).

    We can be quite flexible with dates, but how does early March sound?

    I have sent you an email with some more info.

  36. Chris Bullen

    How much does it cost todo practical in catergory d of a17 telehandler

  37. Chris Bullen

    Intrested in the early march in south of wales too

  38. Siôn Jones

    Thanks Chris, I have sent you an email regarding the cpcs 360 telehandler training and test.

  39. Rebecca

    How much does it cost for a red card telescopic handler all sizes including 360 slew?

  40. Andrew

    Hi, I recently got my rtitb license for a telehandler. I was looking to upgrade to 360 and the citb card. I have no experience of a 360. I currently have my cscs card and a nvq level 2 in plant hire. I may also be interested in getting my forward tipping dumper ticket but currently have no experience.

  41. Siôn Jones


    Thanks for getting in touch.

    It’s normally a 5 day course for a CPCS 360 telehandler course – which covers you an all sizes of telehandler. I’ve sent you an email with some more info.

  42. Siôn Jones

    Hi Andrew, I have sent you an email with some info.

    My next 360 telehandler course will be towards the end of March.

    My next forward tipping dumper course is next week!

    Both of which will initially go to a red CPCS card, until you have the experience to complete the NVQ on the plant specific units to upgrade to blue i.e. lifting/transferring and transporting.

    Thank you,

  43. Nathan downing

    Hi sion,
    I am interested in the CPCS telehandler 360, could you forward me details on price and dates you have available

  44. Siôn Jones


    Thanks for the enquiry.

    Do you already hold a telehandler ticket/ have experience, or are you a novice?

    I have a series of 360 slew courses starting next month which you may be interested in.

    I’ve sent you an email.

  45. Ash bogun

    Hi there I have no experience complete beginner just forklift counter/reach licences. How much does it cost for a red card telescopic handler all sizes? And a price including 360 slew?

    Cheers Ash.

  46. Ash bogun

    Hi there how much for cpcs telehandler 360 slew training complete novice course.

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